We want you to know that the health and safety of our guests is our #1 priority.  In an effort to keep everyone safe we have done the following:

We have increased our cleaning and disinfecting practices to insure guests stay safe:

    • Multiple times a day all common areas, handles knobs and surfaces are disinfected

    • Any furniture which can not be wiped down (upholstered furniture, throw pillows etc) gets sprayed with 70% alcohol

    • The Kitchen has specific rules to be followed (these rules are posted) and include: no more than 4 people in the kitchen at a time, you must wear a mask in the kitchen at all times, sanitizing stations are in the kitchen for guests to wipe all surfaces, handles or other places they come in contact with both before and after use. 

    • Sanitizing Stations: We have asked all guests while staying with us to please help us keep everything as safe as possible for everyone at The Old Game Farm by using the Sanitizing Stations we have throughout the Inn to wipe down anything they come in contact with (in addition to our staff also cleaning regularly).

    • Hand Sanitizer is available throughout the Inn for guest use, including outside each of the guest rooms.

  • GUEST ROOMS: We have a multi step cleaning process for each.

    • We are only using linens that have been washed on the hottest wash and dryer settings, then stored and unused for a minimum of 72hrs.

    • We are first cleaning all surfaces, fixtures, handles etc

    • Then disinfecting all of those after they are cleaned.  This includes door handles, light switches, flat surfaces, door chains etc.

    • Any materials which can not be properly cleaned this way (upholstered furniture, throw pillows etc) get sprayed with 70% rubbing alcohol.

  • We are asking only guests free of symptoms and free of known exposures to stay.

Cathy - the owner - has experience working both in the Operating Room maintaining sterility for surgeries as well as professional cleaning companies.  We are well equipped and educated to make your stay as safe as possible.

We hope that you are staying happy, healthy and sane and look forward to seeing you in the near future!

Thank you for your continued understanding during this trying time,


Cathy & Ben Ballone